Webhosting manager 0.5.1 Incompatible mock status

I downloaded it from here:

I have set NODE_ENV=dev.

Using safe-browser-v0.14.1-win-x64-dev, it clearly says Mock Network.

When I start WHM I get this error in safe browser:
Unable to connect to the network. -208: IPC error: IncompatibleMockStatus.

What am I missing?

I’m using NODE_ENV=test with WHM. It works fine the with dev build browser on Ubuntu (not sure which version of WHM).

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Sweet! That was it :smile::upside_down_face:
I wonder why it says to use NODE_ENV=dev on other places in the forum (searched this problem).

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That was changed some time ago so yes you’d find the older flavour in old discussions for sure.

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