What determines the computing power of Safe Network, how does it work?

Hello everybody,

I have a question about how the Safe Network works because I’m not sure about one thing.

I understand, that program works only when the user has installed it on their device and is logged into the Safe Network, because only then it provides not only disk space but also computing power for the network? That’s right?
Is it enough that the computer is turned on but I do not need to be logged in to the Safe Network?

I mean that Safe Network will eventually be powered without central servers.

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You don’t need to login. If you install a vault then it auto joins the network (no login) and starts providing services (and get paid for doing so).

Clients who wish to mutate the network (store/mutate data) need to be logged in and these mutations cost some safecoin (tiny amount). Clients that only browse/read the network do not need to login.

You can run clients or a vault or both.

This will help https://primer.safenetwork.org/


Great, thank you for the explanation. I haven’t seen the latest SAFE Network Primer updates.