What is the state of Java API lib?

I’ve cloned the https://github.com/maidsafe/safe_app_java repo but it seems like this lib is in quite early stage of development and I was unable to create even a basic app.
Is it actively developed? Is there javadocs for the API? Are there examples how to use it?
And last: do the developers need help with it?


You are right @ogrebgr, the Java API are in the early stage of development. It is not in a state where you can use it for building application. At present, we are short of resources and we will be getting to Java API only after we have the existing mobile apps (Xamarin) updated.

More than happy to welcome contributors. Please let me know if you can help, I will DM you and we can plan to make some progress there. Thank you!

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Hi @Krishna,
Yes I can and I am willing to help (although mostly during the weekends). Pls DM.