Which devices are targets?

It’s been clear from the beginning that SAFE is to be actually running on an end-user device.

Are all of these places where a full SAFE network node might run?

  • Mobiles
  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Routers
  • *Pi SBCs
  • IoT “hubs”
  • IoT “endpoints” (sensors/effectors)

Is this list missing anything significant?

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  • Mobiles <---- Depends on power of Mobile and O/S
  • Desktops <----- Yes for Mac/Win/Linux
  • Laptops <----- Yes assuming its capable
  • Routers <----- No specific plans at the moment, problem of O/S and resources. Needs to have the resources and running say Linux at its core
  • *Pi SBCs <------ Yes, and really any SBC running linux will be able
  • IoT “hubs” <------ This can be a host of different things and so as a general rule - NO But if running Linux at its core and enough resources then Yes
  • IoT “endpoints” (sensors/effectors) <----- No, these are generally special purpose and as cheap (no spare resources) as possible. Only possible if a SBC is being used.
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