Why were crust examples removed when changing to version 0.15.0?

I looked at crust today, it’s a very impressive p2p rust library. However, it doesn’t have much documentation, which makes it hard to for a fast usage.

Crust use to have a few examples included in each release, which surely made its function clearer. However, those examples were removed in version 0.15.0.

Does anyone knows why did it happen? Are there examples available elsewhere? Or is there intention to write any?

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Yes there was a pretty major change in crust (futures/tokio etc. will be getting added there). We will be providing more examples and in fact adding quite a bit to crust in the coming months (further NAT traversal, protocols, formalise the wire protocol etc.). @nbaksalyar will be working there soon and I cannot wait, he did a great job in writing up blog posts and code for a rust networking library. We are also looking to sub contract some parts as well. IT will be simpler again, I had a chat with another couple of project leads tonight, facilitated by @MrAnderson and said there I wanted crust to be seen as a truly useful for all projects networking library.

In the meantime if you are toying around and have examples we would love to see PR’s, the more the merrier there really.

Thanks though for poking around and reminding us of this as well.


Thanks for the rapid reply.

I’m playing around with a p2p rust project. If I’ll get some working examples involving crust I’ll be sure to share it around here.


Hi @neiman, thank you for letting us know about this :slight_smile: The examples were removed when we migrated Crust to Mio.

Yes, @vinipsmaker is currently working on adding the crust_peer example to Crust. It’s one of the examples that was there before. It should have the same functionality as before, the code just needs to get updated to meet latest requirements of Crust.

See this JIRA task for more info: MAID-1934.