Without Electron - Kanban board built with Rust and Elm

:bulb: A desktop app with Rust and Elm… and then without needing Electron.

Looks as though that might be usefully smaller and another option to consider.


and just to note npm install for elm can see hiccup on Linux but the other route is

yarn global add elm

then use

export PATH="$PATH:$(yarn global bin)"


For those wanting more about elm there’s the obvious http://elm-lang.org/ and an awesome list at https://github.com/isRuslan/awesome-elm


Looks cool ! How’s the work in progress since ?
Our team is actually developing a free online tool to use the Kanban way, it’s called Zenkit.
We’d love your feedbacks https://zenkit.com

Since Rust is already chosen as core development language here, it sems relevant to consider https://github.com/DenisKolodin/yew as alternative to elm