An error when bootstrapping an environment

macOS 10.14
safe-vault 0.23.0
safe-cli 0.12.0

To run a local private network:

$ curl -so- | bash

$ safe

vault install

$ ~/.safe/vault/safe_vault

$ safe

auth install

auth start

[Error] GeneralError - Failed to start safe-authd daemon ‘/Users/user/.safe/authd/safe-authd’ (exit code: 1)
[Error] AuthdError - Failed when invoking safe-authd executable from ‘/Users/user/.safe/authd/safe-authd’

What’s the mistake I’m making please?

You can always check the authd logs for some more info, at /Users/user/.safe/authd/logs/safe-authd.log, perhaps you are facing the same issue as others who had an old authd running in the background, try with running $ killall safe-authd and then try to start your new authd with $ safe auth start