Authenticator: how to use it in apps (not in websites)?

It’s not clear to me if the new authenticator is only for websites or also for non-nodeJS apps.

For example, I built a Ruby wrapper library a while ago. Should I adapt it to use FFI bindings or should I continue to use the Launcher? In case of FFI, wasn’t it suppose to pay licensing fees to Maidsafe org?


I think you would have to adapt it to use the new FFI layer.

I know you’ve already seen the answers posted by @dirvine in the last Dev Update topic, but I’ll include them here for other people who read this topic.

3-> [node][python][java]... Almost any language
2-> FFI Layer (essentially a "c" interface)
1-> Rust (safe_client libs)

1-> rust apps can use the rust layer directly.
2-> FFI (foreign function interface) really only exposes a “c” interface which allows “native” libraries for a lot of languages to “import” into other programming languages
3-> Libraries already prepared and packaged for other languages. We only have node at this time, but nothing stopping us having java python lua etc. (except time)

Yes, these will be lgpl, so Ok there as long as you do not alter the code in them.

let me know if anything is still unclear :slight_smile:


Good question @daniel thank you for asking (and @frabrunelle for answering) as it clears up some questions I had as well.


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