Automatic bumping of topics

Each day a few topics are being bumped automatically for no apparent reason.

Is there a purpose to this? I find it annoying because it wasted my time - I go and look at a topic which I’ve already read and find there’s nothing new each time.


It seems they are the #support topics that have not been “solved” yet

Maybe @frabrunelle can comment


Hi Mark/Rob,
Francis and I were chatting on Friday about a setting change to bring unsolved issues up in sequence but I didn’t think you’d see topics you had already read. We’ll have a look. Sorry for the annoyance.


@DGeddes, it doesn’t really bother me, but I can see it will for some. I do understand the reason and think its actually a decent idea in order to get solutions and problems are not forgotten

The trick though is to ensure support topics are actually support topics and that when a solution (positive/negative) is posted that the topic is marked as solved.

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Are those my topics?

I often see spelling errors or other small errors in my own topics and they get bumped up as soon as I correct them.

No it’s not you @folaht :slight_smile , it’s an automatic bump - you’ll see a note added underneath the last post when it happens.

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There is a new Discourse feature that enables this:

I was curious to try it and thought it might be useful to automatically bump support topics until they are resolved but if it’s annoying, we can leave it disabled :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry for that, I should have made a proposal here in Site Feedback before enabling it. I enabled it on Friday morning (after discussing with @DGeddes) and then disabled it on Saturday after you created this topic :slightly_smiling_face:


No problem, personally I’m just glad it’s gone! :slight_smile:


@happybeing - okay with me closing this topic as @frabrunelle handled it at the weekend?
I’m trying to get back on point with trimming the fat.


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