Building MacOS Launcher

I’ve managed to build the launcher v0.8.0 for linux and windows, but am struggling with macOS.

My issue is getting the build to compile with a predefined safe_launcher.crust.config included in the packaged app (in this case the alpha network config).

I’ve tried the advice here to copy safe_launcher.crust.config to safe_launcher\node_modules\electron-prebuilt\dist and rename it electron.crust.config but the config in the packaged app was blank.

I’ve also tried the advice here to modify safe_launcher Helper.crust.config in but the network does not connect.

I tried copying several parts from the actual alpha download into my packaged app but could still not connect to the network.

Where do I put the desired safe_launcher.crust.config file and what do I name it so it will be included when I package it with $ npm run package?

If I modify the config file in the packaged app, it should just work right? ie if I modify the packaged config file and it doesn’t work, is there a deeper problem?

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I solved this by copying from the original alpha download:

  • Everything from except Resources

I suspect my main problem was my build of libsafe_core.dylib wasn’t the expected version (the readme for launcher 0.8.0 do not specify which version of safe_core to use). I was using safe_core 0.19.0


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@mav I’m not able to open the macOS binaries you published in this topic.

e.g. here’s what I see when I try to open the binary contained inside

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This seems to do with MacOS Gatekeeper and the signatures not lining up (as expected)

The frustrating part is the file works perfectly on my laptop, until I download it from when it no longer works.

I’m a bit under the pump at the moment. I’ll try again tonight but am very unfamiliar with MacOS.

If anyone has tips I would appreciate it. For now the MacOS release will remain broken :disappointed:

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