Caching Questions

I’d like to understand what the current caching implementation is and what is planned for the future.

Specifically, I’d like to understand whether the client library will have a large MRU style cache for chunks that have been previously downloaded.

I remember there being discussions about apps being able to operate in an ‘offline’ mode, by virtue of the Autonomi client holding immutable chunks in storage. As by their nature, they can’t change, this would be highly efficient.

Ofc, each app could do this independently, ofc, but it could be nice to share the cache between apps to prevent duplication of logic and/or storage to achieve a similar goal.

To add context, I’m trying to understand how much effort I should put into caching within apps that integrate with sn_client. There are various HTTP caching techniques which could also compliment sn_client caching (between end client and sn_httpd), but I’d say they are orthagonal and complimentary to any file caching between sn_httpd and sn_client.

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