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Feel free to suggest new categories and discuss existing categories in this topic.


@moderators, I’d like to suggest two new categories:

  • Meta (which can replace this topic for discussions of categories)
  • Tools for discussion of programming tools (languages, editors, IDEs, SDKs) related to development for SAFEnetwork (where I’d like to place my topic about Kotlin)

I did wonder about a topic for Mobile but perhaps Tools will cover that adequately for now at least.

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There is already a Site Feedback category which is the equivalent of Meta :slightly_smiling_face: (Site Feedback is the new default name used by Discourse)

I think it should be fine to use the General category for these kinds of topics. The General category can be used to discuss anything that is related to the development of the SAFE Network or to the development of SAFE Network apps. This includes tools, languages, IDEs, SDKs, etc.

Let me know what you think :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, didn’t know that - seems fine.

I think a Tools category is useful. General is too, er general :wink:. For stuff that doesn’t have a place or need one. For example, somebody wanting to see what people are using to develop and what alternatives there are can see these things in one place - lots of people arrive and say “how do I develop for SAFE” and I think this is a good way to answer that passively, or at least help them home in on something more specific.


I think the best way to create new categories is splitting the biggest among existing ones. And General is certainly not the biggest one, like API or Support.