GitHub safe_network repository

The ‘GitHub - maidsafe/safe_network’ repository was created on June 11. I guess it’s a monorepo helping to speed up integration of all moving parts for the testnet. Is this a temporary repository or should all issues be directed to this repository?

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hey @bzee, Exactly that.

I think this is how the core components will live going forward. Will make CI testing much much simpler.

yup, any issues directed there please :+1:


Very understandable!

The cause of an issue I encountered ended up being outside the monorepo, in self_encryption.

I’ve successfully tested the patch in a project depending on sn_api. Would be very curious to know if anyone else encountered the issue of not being able to execute any Future because they weren’t Send


Glad that’s working. Nice work @bzee :muscle:

Can definitely say we haven’t seen it.

But we’ve been very focussed on lower levels recently. And it seems we dont have a test for this at the API level (which is where it would make itself apparent I guess?).

sn/client threading is mostly around message handling, as opposed to SE so I guess that’s why we didn’t pick it up there.

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