Golem Vs Maidsafe

Anyone think that these two can work together and make the new internet?
or do u think that they will work against each other? these two are very similar projects… thoughts… ideas??

I have only seen video’s and a few posts on reddit etc. about golem, but if you have looked I would be interested in what you think is similar. They seemed to say in one of the original videos that it would write itself based on user wishes which sounds really wild to me. Probably for the user forum though :+1:

I haven’t looked very detailed yet into Golem, but from what I’ve read it sounds like it’s basically a market place for computing power, a bit like a decentralized cloud,where users who want to earn money run VM’s on their computer while those who have tasks to do rent time on these VMs. This marketplace runs on an ethereum based token. It uses a reputation system to give nodes an incentive to do the calculations correctly.

It would seem to me that something like this could run equally well and be equally useful on SAFE. You have distributed computation, where you don’t have a 100% guarantee that there won’t be any malicious nodes, but most of the time there won’t be and for many applications it doesn’t matter. If you want to render an image for example, you don’t want to do the same rendering many times on many computers to ensure it’s not being faked or whatever. You just want to finish the rendering as quickly and cheaply as possible. In the unlikely case that the image looks messed up, you can just run the rendering again.

There might be more to Golem than this, but it’s the impression I got at least.

edit: Golem will eventually use TrueBit for verifications of computations it looks like, not sure if that’s something that will be done to all computations or only if a user suspects that something is wrong.

It’s probably best to have this kind of discussion on the user forum (e.g. in the #related-projects category).

There are already a few topics on the SAFE Network Forum about Golem:

Please continue the discussion there. Thank you.