Help understanding core files

I’d like help gaining a general overview of the major parts of the core files, here:

For example, I’ve been learning about bitcoin core files, starting with where the bitcoin daemon is initialized in the program’s int main(argc, argv) {...}. From there I’m following the program logically. This is really helping me to get a general idea of how everything works.

I’d like to do the same with SAFE Core.

Where do I start?


Hello @hunterlester,

welcome to the Dev Forum!

We are building the base system as a set of libraries not as daemons (thought vaults will be) per se. You can find them here - note the dev branch. I suppose the most interesting one would be when the library is used to create a client and then login. This is where the entire spiel kinda begins.

However, as mentioned, it is a set of clients. So the underlying routing and NAT-traversal and such are not handled in that repo but in underlying libs.

Hope this helps


This is very helpful. Thank you for the warm welcome. :grinning: