How to use MAID on Trezor

Hi Guys. I am here because I am desperate to find out how to send my MAID coins from a Trezor One hardware wallet to Omniwallet. I made the mistake of sending 2470 MAID to my Trezor and they are in there fine, but of course I can’t easily send them out of the Trezor wallet. I have anew Trezor Model T and have moved all other coins to that, so I am prepared to lose the original Trezor One that my MAID are on, but after following Forum advice on using to try and get my Private Key - I just can’t import my Trezor Private key to Omniwallet to get access to sending or storing my MAID there :O(

Can anyone help or point me to somewhere/someone that can? PLEASE? :O)

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Hi and welcome to the SAFE forums.

Can you please post this topic in the community forum where you will get the best assistance. There are a number of people who should be able to help you there. BTW the person who wrote that web page you quoted is on the community forum.

The primary issue is getting the private key.

This Dev forum though is for discussions on the network development and Application development.

I am closing this topic now.


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