I've submitted an RFC proposal

Hi all,

As part of the RFC reboot I thought it might be handy to have a topic here where people can let us know that they have submitted an RFC proposal for triage. Obviously I’m monitoring the repo all the time but some eagle-eyed individuals might see a PR suddenly appear and wonder what’s going on and that’s where I’d see this topic being of some use.

I’ll kick things off with two entries for the RFCs we’ve submitted this afternoon.

I’m not 100% sure this will be a long-term thing but it might be helpful… let’s see.


Edit: Just a note - If/when the proposal’s are approved at the next triage meeting they will have a discussion topic created for them in this RFC category and the notification post in this topic will be updated to reflect the status.


RFC Proposal: Safecoin Alternative Implementation

@Fraser’s has submitted a proposal for an alternative implementation for Safecoin.


RFC Proposal: Transparent Malice Handling in PARSEC

I’ve submitted a proposal for malice detection and handling in PARSEC.

Edit: changed the link from the PR to the MD file in the PR (thanks @happybeing).


It might be better to link to the file rather than the discussion as it isn’t obvious how to get to the file from there, and the file is where people need to start.

Then perhaps the file itself could contain a link to the discussion issue.

Hang on I’ll submit this as an RFC!

[kidding] :rofl:


Yeah - I was planning on that when/if the file gets through the initial triage. Point noted though.

Edit: unless I can actually link to the file in the PR (never tried)… I’ll have a look tomorrow when I get back on the clock.

To get to the file: click Files Changed and then View and grab that URL.