maidsafe as local currency

could the maidsafe token be used to run a local currency? if so, are there any information about this anywhere?

I’m not sure I understand. Why wouldn’t you be able to use it for anything you want? In the same way El Salvador has adopted bitcoin it could adopt Safe Network Tokens.

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running local currencies - at least potentially - poses additional options for crypto-coin implementers. specifically, you could have non-computational means of securing the ledger such as by the use of embroidery, as has traditionally been used by south american villages to record who turned up to work on local projects. how a similar thing might work for Maidsafe - which doesn’t use the same proof of work mechanism as bitcoin - is more difficult for me to get a feel for because there’s a dearth of available literature on Maidsafe. so forgive me if i’m unable to even frame my question properly. i guess this inquiry will have to wait until another time

You may find this forum more useful for information about the Safe network project.

Maidsafe is just the name of the company behind it.

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Please don’t feel your questions aren’t welcome. If you want to follow up with more we’ll do our best to help. So by all means continue.

I’m not sure how you might integrate offline proofs with Safe Network or another system. It’s an important thing to think about though, so am happy to explore here or on the community forum which @Sascha linked to.

If you want to understand more about how Safe Network does proof of resource, I can say it is by ensuring that each node does certain things well enough if it is to earn rewards. If it doesn’t it will be punished by being demoted or excluded. Things such as supplying data when requested (Adult) or voting with the majority (Elder), passing messages etc. You can read more about how that works in the Safe Network Primer.

I’m interested to read more about what you are thinking, so feel free to say more about that.