Making SAFE Applications Interoperable

A topic for information, ideas and resources about making SAFE Apps interoperate.

By establishing common data types different applications can interoperate on data that the user controls.

This ability is a vital element in giving users freedom from bait and switch style exploitation where you create value using an application or service and then become locked in because it is hard to switch from one app to a new app (even if you hold or can download the data).

Interoperability allows users to switch apps at will, and is one of the reasons I investigated and have been an advocate of the Solid project and it’s protocol.

This topic is for sharing data, ideas, resource etc and for developer discussions not just about Solid but anything that helps make SAFE Apps interoperate.


Shapes are a way developers can make RDF/LinkedData interoperable between applications, and this guy created a searchable database to help developers find or share them:

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