MD Entries loading issue

Previously I am developing a webpage with localhost and now I have upload the webpage using Web Hosting Manager. My problem now is that when the data save to the MD entry, such as figure below:

It seems working. However, in the safe://website I use, the data doesn’t load. Instead, when I open my localhost version, the data is load… Why is this happening?

Your problem is described very vaguely and impossible for me to guess the solution.

I don’t like how StackOverflow works sometimes, but I’d like to refer to the Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example (MCVE) type of questions that are easier to answer.

From my own experience: Creating a MCVE might make me solve it myself as I discover what’s wrong when I’m dissecting a complex piece of code. If not, then the MCVE is a good way to present your problem for others to take a stab at.


I’m sorry that my question is blurred…I will try my best to explain the situation.

I’ve created a website and upload it to SafeNet. The website link I created is safe://safe.safeshopinti. At the top right there is a profile button, and in the profile page user can create a product to sell. The data will be stored when they update all the necessary information. Again, the image above is the example of the data being store to the MD entries and I suppose it should be working as I open the home page(click on the website logo), the product should display.

The problem now is that the data are updated to the MD entries, but the product is not displaying. However, I’ve been developing using localhost. In the home page of localhost, the product did appear. In another word, the data is updated and my localhost is possible to retrieve and display it, but the website in safe:// did not display.

You may view any file you want from the developer tools.

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Which browser are you using?

I’ve tested with Peruse: Upon loading the website I get this: image

Uploading seemed to work fine; but indeed could not find the product after creating it.

The application is a little too complex for me to quickly understand — or finding the problem.

I am using peruse v0.5.3. The error you could just reload again. The bug happen sometimes I can’t fix it though.
It’s ok I will try to find a solution for it. Anyway thanks!

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Congratulations on your site! Looking good so far! Nice work, Jack.
I navigated to your URI in SAFE Browser v0.10.2 and I’m able to create a product and view it.

I’m hitting the refresh button and it’s still loading just fine.

I’ll see what difference there may be in Peruse…

Testing in Peruse v0.5.3 now.
I create a product and am able to see it being seemingly saved but now I can’t view it as I was able to do with SAFE Browser.

However, I’m not seeing any errors.

I think the good news is that your code seems to be fine.

We’re going to need some time to track this down on our side.


That looks awesome! Indeed works from the SAFE Browser!

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@hunterlester Thank you for that!


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