Node technical requirements


What is the minimal technical requirements for CPU/Storage/Bandwidth/etc, to run node/earn reward in this network?



There’s no spec yet as it is still being tested but requirements for CPU, RAM and disk are low.

The idea is that almost anyone could run a node using spare resources on an old device so it will work even on Single Board Computers like a Raspberry Pi and maybe mobiles as well as regular machines which will easily run multiple nodes. Probably 1GB or maybe 2GB of disk per node for storing encrypted chunks.

The limit for many will likely be bandwidth, especially over metered connections. I don’t have figures for that but you can join the test networks any time to see for yourself. They’ve been almost weekly lately although there wasn’t one last week and I’m not sure if there will be one this week either.

Update: there’s a new test network underway. Very easy to join and try things out and a friendly community to help if you need it. Instructions here:

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