Reading logs from API

Hello. Here is another idea. Perhaps it would be possible to pass log messages to an App instead of just printing in on stdout / stderr? It would allow an App to parse it and react accordingly, maybe show some status, statistics etc.?

I’m thinking about a method like Client::flush_recent_logs() -> Vec<String>.

Are you aware of vdash?

It does this by monitoring the logfiles of one or more nodes.

Sure, I’m well aware of vdash! But I’m actually thinking about a feature that vdash could also use :slight_smile: And it would also make monitoring clients easier, for example logs could be displayed in window of a GUI app.

Just wanted to check. There are pros and cons to using the logfiles or an API. I use the logfiles in vdash because it has a lot of flexibility with minimal fuss. Also, vdash does display the end of the logfile for each node being monitored.