Running Web Hosting Manager

I’m having trouble running the Web Hosting Manager on the mock network. (Windows 10.)

I’ve taken the latest versions of both the SAFE browser and the Web Hosting Manager, as well as attempted with the Alpha 2 versions.

When building and packaging (yarn package) the Web Hosting Manager, I’m running into this problem after having authorised through the SAFE browser:

When running the Web Hosting Manager with yarn start, I am encountering the following:

Does anyone share this problem?

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Before running yarn did you first set NODE_ENV=dev environment variable?

On Windows PowerShell? use $env:NODE_ENV = "dev"

In command prompt, use set NODE_ENV=dev

I’ll test out our releases again on my system to see what’s going on…

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Yes, I’ve set the NODE_ENV variable to dev while building both.

I’m wondering if anyone can reproduce this. I think I’m following the READMEs correctly.

Ah yes, tested this morning and I’m having the same issue on Windows as you.

I’ll get back to you…

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