Safe app nodejs help

I’ve been able now to build SAFE browser including packed authenticator with the newest Ubuntu version. :tada:

However I’m now a little bit stuck with building a small nodejs app which interacts with the new browser/auth-flow and nodejs module. I tried to understand the examples (email & hosting app) but they are rather complicate for a nodejs beginner.

Has someone already written a simple nodejs app which uses the new safe_app_nodejs package e.g. for authentication only?

Any help how to include this external library and take advantage of it is much appreciated too!

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EDIT: Nevermind, answer has been provided already

I also wanted to know if anyone has used Node to build SAFE Web Apps yet? Ones that are used in the browser. Haven’t seen any

Hehe, we could create a binary exchange market :smiley: I’m currently looking for hosting_manager binaries. (Yes, I’m looking at you @draw) :wink:

However, I think the self built binaries for the browser are obsolete, since Maidsafe provided them here:

yeah I wasn’t talking about the Browser, but the web_hosting_manager ones also. Hope someone has one!

When I’m home, I’ll deliver you the binary (certainly the Linux one).


Not really a binary (Apps) but I finished this today:

Here a binary for you to test, I hope it will work: safe_hosting_manager-linux-x64.tar.gz


Thank you very much! I’m able to authenticate and can upload files. However when visiting the created service I get “ERR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED”

Seems like a restriction from the mock-routing.

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Have you retried?
E.g restarting Safe browser (or just closing the authenticator page) and/or restarting safe_hosting_manager.
EDIT: after reading your problem more thoroughly, this probably won’t help. You have an index.html?

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Yeah, I had created a service and uploaded an index.html

It seems a little bit buggy. After restarting browser and hosting manager I now see the following error in the browser after accepting the auth request:

Warning: AppList: type specification of prop authorisedAppsis invalid; the type checker function must returnnullor anError but returned a function. You may have forgotten to pass an argument to the type checker creator (arrayOf, instanceOf, objectOf, oneOf, oneOfType, and shape all require an argument).

In the hosting manager I get this:
Fetching Access Info Failed: Core error: Routing client error -> Requested entry not found