SAFE-BBrowser 0.2.7 (Dev Update)

I’m happy to say, I’ve got a new, hopefully more working version of the browser set up for yall.

0.2.7 Updates

  • Working linux builds! I finally got the app building on a modern linux version (14.04 Ubuntu, as opposed to 12.04, which seems to have been the problem), and it provides a selection of different pre-compiled packages (AppImage, deb, freebsd). So hopefully this’ll sort any fedora world issues out. I’ve tested this on both 14.04 and 16.04 VBs, and it’s working as expected.
  • Tweaked SAFE API A small, but crucial change for devs, now when running safeAuth.authorise the packageData is the first option and token is entirely optional. This is because beaker doesn’t allow localStorage access to the apis, and so it was kind of pointless this way round. Now you just supply your app credentials and away you go.
  • http/s blocking Now, all calls to regular net (outwith of localhost) from SBB are blocked, this means you can no longer see mixed content (as per safe://tests… there are no bananas!).
  • safejs updates - I’ve made a start with testing and documenting. I’ll be trying to document the main features first. This might also lead to some improvements in how safejs works (looking at returning something more useful than the raw response, eg (as per @nice’s suggestions ).

You can read more about the SBB API here:

Download Packages

Next steps

  • complete safejs documentation and test suit.
  • update to beaker 0.3
  • start clearnet switch strech goal
  • finalise settingsSync stretch goal, (I’ve a POC setup for this already, though it’s not certain this will be the final implementation style.)
  • tidy app package details, include SAFE branding etc.
  • update AppVeyor to automatically publish to the same github release as travis.

FYI: I’ll be away for a week from the middle of this week. When I’m back I’ve a few days set aside to get fired in with the stretch-goal implementations.


I think then would be a good time to look at integration with launcher (at least a lnk). Perhaps @Krishna and @Viv will have ideas here.


mac link was wrong. updated in OP.

@dirvine makes sense to me :thumbsup: