SAFE Browser app authorization design

In attempting to run a web app I observe behavior I would like to clarify.

The web app consists of an HTML file named index.html, a JS file, and a WASM file in the same FilesContainer. When I open the XOR-URL of the FilesContainer the title, derived from the HTML file, appears on the tab immediately.

The web app is still loading at that point due to an authorization request that’s been generated. When allowing it, the JS is then loaded.

Is it expected behavior to have to reauthorize the app continually for files referenced by either the script element or fetched from the JS?

Due to an error in the JS I cannot yet determine if the cause of the authorization request is the referenced JS file or fetched WASM file.

At the moment you’ll need to reauthorise all the time. That’s not final though.

The auth request has been generated by your JS. Sounds like this operation is blocking execution of your script so you should look into making it async.

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