Safe Browser Dev Updates (@v0.4.2)



You can see the functions if you type the name of the variable in the console followed by a ‘.’ as in “response.” Edit: see this post for a screen capture example:

EDIT: The following issue points to an example which is successfully using safeNFS.getFile() and my posts there give details that will help you run it. I think I’m using slightly later beaker than you, so worth trying that perhaps.


So. this is sorted on safe-js master.

The failing response.text was related to this issue from @ben where buffer was also missing in the browser.

An update to both safejs and safe browser are coming with these changes so you can continue soon, @DavidMtl


New SafeBrowser RC, with refactored store and sync (debounced to reduce mutation errors), as well as with updated safe-js to get around text() and buffer() issues with getFile.

@DavidMtl this should get you going again. Please note the updated getFile docs in safejs :thumbsup:

    safejs.nfs.getFile( token, dirName + '/' + fileName, 'text' ).then( text =>
        console.log('get new file',text)


Aaaand a new release. Now with updating beaker pages with authentication information, when you add things to the store.


It works, good job!

“Reauthorise with SAFE Launcher” doesn’t seem to do anything, though, I guess that’s for the sync. In the console I get a “Protocol description undefined” message when I click on it.


Right now with this latest there’s a couple of minor issues with auth. I’ll be looking into this later today :thumbsup:

Glad its working for you so far, though!


Just to clarify a bug that’s blocking a release here:

@DavidMtl, you’re using the latest pre-release 0.4.0-5? And the browser is authenticating / syncing?

If so, which OS are you on?

(I’m currently getting a bug where auth doesn’t happen in the builds themselves on OSX…)


No it doesn’t seem to be authenticating and syncing. When I open the browser I see this:

When I press “Reauthorise” I get a message in the console saying:

"beaker:shell-window.js:1439 Protocol description undefined"

And the launcher doesn’t get any request.

I’m using 0.4.0-6, with launcher 0.9.3 on ubuntu 16.04.


okay, ‘cool’, same error as me at least :slight_smile:

The protocol message you dont need to worry about, that’s just beaker logging upon a page load. It’s not actually related to the reauth attempt.

Problem is related to app packaging somehow it seems.

Thanks for letting me know. :thumbsup:


Grand. Sorted that business and now got a final 0.4.0 release available:


  • Now history/favourites/sitedata and settings APIs from beaker all save to the safeNetwork (when the browser is authorised).
  • Should authentication fail, or you not be logged into the launcher, there’s a ‘Reauthenticate’ button on the safe status page to enable reauth without rebooting the browser.
  • SafeStatus page on load shows whether you are authenticated on the network or displays common error issues.
  • BeakerDev menu is now gone for all production builds (so to develop/enable localhost tabs etc, you’ll need to download and build the app.
  • sqlite is gone, making for a smaller app package :thumbsup:

For more detail on using the favourites in beaker, check here: Safe Browser Dev Updates (@v0.4.2)


0.4.1-1 Prerelease


  • safe: protocol registered on both osx and windows. windows is untested and osx has proven to be unstable previously, so I’d appreciated news on either operating system there.
  • safe: protocol is now the default protocol when typing in the address bar.
  • beaker help urls have been updated to point to the SafeBrowser/Beaker repo
  • package ‘unpacked’ folders are now versioned instead of simply ‘unpacked’


This is packaging using NSIS for windows, which should allow protocol registration. Should it be buggy, please report OS version and any error messages you get.



This one is most awesome :slight_smile:


@happybeing or indeed anyone else. Can someone reiterate, (or perhaps link me to the comments if you know where they are… ) about linux keyboard shortcuts that were missing?

I know they are on one of the forums, but I can’t find the comments for the life of me :expressionless:


Josh, the one that I most miss is Alt-D (select address bar) but I’ll dig out the post and add it below in a bit.


Does Ctrl-L work for you? That’s what’s set at the mo.

What browser do you use normally?


Firefox and Chrome both support it, don’t know about others.

Here’s the original list - I see I’m confused about whether it is ctrl-d or all-d! My fingers know, but I’m not at a keyboard atm so can’t ask them! :eyes_skyward:



its both ctrl l and alt d it seems!


@happybeing just for you :smiley:

This features alt+D as an address bar shortcut.

If anyone else figures out any missing shortcuts, let me know or open a beaker issue :thumbsup:


Thank you :slight_smile:


Ctrl+S for generating 1000 SafeCoin in my wallet