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What kind of thing would you like to try?

I’m sure we can find useful stuff, particularly once the main pieces are fitted together - I’ve still got work to do on the design but could share something soon, for comment, questions, suggesting etc and to help you familiarise yourself with the plan.

I want to make it flexible, and build libraries that can be used for other things, not just a FUSE filesystem. So for any app that wants to manage files, public names and SAFE services.

I suggest you familiarise yourself with FUSE, particularly by trying out the fuse-bindings example. That’s the npm module which I’m using - its code is on github and has an example in the which you could try out help get you up to speed with how that works. My code will make much more sense once you’ve done that.

As a test, after that you might like to come my repo, check out the development branch to play with, and look through the github issues.

I can also show you how to customise the debug logging, enable test features and use the Chrome debugger with it, which is a lifesaver!


SAFE Drive FUSE Design

This design covers both safenetwork-fuse and a new module safenetworkjs which is a refactoring of safenetwork-webapi but with a JSON style interface. The latter was purely for web, whereas safenetworkjs will support desktop and web NodeJS applications based on the newly released safe_app_nodejs API (in Peruse 0.6).

The full detail of the design is only available in the github repo (development branch), but as a taster here is the main diagram:

github repo

There is now a docs/ folder in the github repo which contains a zim wiki document (also exported as HTML) so that you can view the above diagram plus the wiki text in its proper format. To see this:

git clone
cd safenetwork-fuse
git checkout development
firefox docs/SAFE_FUSE_-_Design.html

Or if not firefox, use your preferred browser of course.

You can of course also open it using Zim Wiki (which is a nice personal information manager written in python). After installing Zim, choose File > Open Another Notebook then click Add to add a new Notebook and browse to the folder safenetwork-fuse/docs/zim-wiki/SAFE-FUSE_Design_(repo)/ You will then be able to view the design in its native form, and even make edits.

Comments and offers to help with implementation welcome as noted in the OP.

cc @Joseph_Meagher @southside


Progress update:

We have folders, now for files!