SAFE git & github - A Plan



SAFE git & github - A Plan

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I have a plan for how, but not the time to do this for now (want to get virtual drive done first). So if anyone wants to get this started I can suggest how to build it and help things along thanks to noffle, one of the Scuttlebutt guys, see:

SAFE git remote

We can build a git remote-helper for git with Nodejs using the CLI Boilerplate I made. This will enable people to use SAFEnetwork as a git remote with push, pull and fetch etc.

It would use a similar method to git-ssb to publish changes to a feed which others can consume (kind of pub/sub I think).

SAFE gitweb

If the first part is similar enough to git-ssb it should be a simple matter to modify git-ssb-web to make a web front end similar to github.

Who’s in?

Anyone fancy a go at this? I don’t mind you taking it over, me helping out, me leading, or me doing it in my own, but can’get it done quickly by myself. In fact it will be verrrry slow :wink:

If you are interested or just want to play with git-ssb and git-ssb-web see the following post for instructions:


Valuable discussion here amongst scuttlebutters (and me) about the replacement for github, being done on github :laughing:


When I heard about Microsoft buying Github I immediately thought that a Github clone on the SAFE network would be perfect. I don’t have the necessary skills to contribute to this idea. I am interested in following it’s development and would be happy to be a tester. I currently use Github and Git via the Netbeans IDE. Where is the best place to follow this project?


Until it moves from research to code the best way to follow is on this topic or my twitter feed

I will update both with any developments, but for now I’m working on a SAFE virtual drive using FUSE, so it will remain research and planning for a while unless somebody else picks it up.


You have been rather prolific the past few months with your posts and code contributions… new coffee brand? :grin:
I’m really looking forward to carving out some time where I can run with some of these ideas… For now it’s hard to just keep up with the forum posts on a regular basis. Keep them coming though… Great stuff!


Just things coming together after a long period of learning and ground work. It’s taken me a while to get proficient enough with all the tools and with the API to do useful stuff. I still need help though as you will have noticed.

Also, I enjoy an afternoon coffee most days and it kicks me into action so you’re not wrong :coffee: