SAFE plugin for existing browsers

Many browsers offer features to open new windows and tabs with special configurations. For example, New Private Window and New Private Window with Tor. Would it be possible to create a plugin or extension that enables existing browsers to offer a New Private Window with SAFE feature?

It’s certainly possible.

Biggest hurdle is getting good safe:// url handling. Often you cannot use such protocols in browser (or at least couldn’t previously). If you can do that, it’s just a matter of calling SAFE code and ammending the response.

ATM, in we use neon for comms to the rust code. Though after removing rust_sodium recently, you may be able to get wasm compilation on the go (though not sure if that’d work for other networking reasons).

But yeh, there’s really not much in the way of blockers to this.

An official maidsafe version of this probably won’t exist as it does expose user’s use of SAFE to the browser/ other plugins, and security cannot be guaranteed to the same extent as our own browser. So that should be considered if anyone were to work on developing such a thing.