SAFEBBrowser Pre-release: 0.2.4 Test the API!




Yeh, everything currently is simply returning the response from the API. This doesn’t have to be the case mind you, we could chuck out the rest of the response or reformat to something simpler…

That’s a general safe-js question. Right now it’s all pretty low level, which was helping me get to figuring it out. But it could be changed.

Let me know how you get on and if you have thoughts on any of that we can take a look.

and aye, sorry you’re diving in without a map! I’m aiming to get some docs in this weekend :smiley:


I am under the impression that it would be very important to keep the ability to access low level functionnality of the safe network when using safe-js, just like I discovered with the stream example.

On the other hand, in this precise case ( but I guess it may well be the case for various other situations ) , it seems that while manipulating streams in node-js is relatively straight forward using the stream module various powerful functions, in the browser it is another story, as there is no ( - well, I didn’t find any ? ) easily available library to access the stream contents at this level.

In the end by tinkering with the object’s internals I could locate what I was interested in, hiding in , so I suppose one could write functions to manipulate and use these results , but it seems it would be quite some work.

So, my feelings about this would be that :

  • it would be really important to keep safe-js capacity to transmit streams so that one can play with huge or real time files transmission

  • it would be very nice if there was a way to easily play with these streams in the browser , like one does in node.js with the stream module ( someone , a link ? :wink: ) )

  • it would be really nice, too, if one could ask safe-js for a non streaming version of a file, for instance if safe-js implemented both safeNFS.getFile and safeNFS.getFileAsStream

SAFE-BBrowser 0.2.7 (Dev Update)

great feedback, thanks!

What you say makes sense, so I’ll look at what we can do in safe-js to these ends :thumbsup:

In other news, I’ve finally got the linux builds behaving. The current release has been tested on Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04. It also spits out some more linux formats, so you can choose which works best for you.

There’s no changes in this release… beyond it working on linux again.