Shell Apps for making development simple

Perhaps a bit early for this but I wonder it would be useful to see Shell Apps made available, that allow devs then to not have to start from scratch. So, the like of a “hello world” app for mobiles and then for each major desktop OS, perhaps with some commitment those shells are maintained and then allowing for modules of other code to be simply added in, as much as possible then without the hassle of learning how the network works.

Given SAFE is the network rather than the applications built on it, I don’t know how defined a zero content app would necessarily be… thinking back to the 90’s where there were gophers and alsorts as well as browsers, perhaps a shell is not so easily defined but some solid examples of how to create content and manipulate that, would be great to see… beyond just the browser, which I wonder is a heavy object.

There’s obviously a few examples here and there already but I’ve not seen this made simple and removing those hurdles can only help devs fall into using SAFE without thinking? A walk through of how to add in a module - writing code is easier than the hassle of compiling it?.. so, an abc for the use of yarn, for example, rather than the assumption that is familiar.

The other aspect of that, is normalizing the language; so, that the environment being SAFE even, is obscured; the focus then becomes more about the function and what the app wants to do… and perhaps then seeing the adoption of apps that exist but within others standard shells. I know nothing of Google Apps or Apple Store but wonder that any or all of those apps need an option to be simply cloned into SAFE.

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Hi David. I think the new DevHub should be coving this for you now.

SAFE Network - DevHub

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