.so files and rust sources for Java bindings

Since no one is working on the Java/Kotlin bindings I was wondering:

  1. Where I can see how the previous bindings were generated and can that to be used as a starting point for generating the new Java bindings?
  2. Are there new .so files built (which are used by other languages as C#)?
  3. Which rust files contain the definitions from which the Java code should be generated?
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You can look at the FFI layer here: https://github.com/maidsafe/safe-cli/tree/master/safe-ffi
And you can obtain the .so files by running this command from within the safe-ffi folder:

cargo build --features bindings

The build.rs file is the one generating the C# bindings, you can look at it and play around with it to generate the Java ones, it uses safe_bindgen (https://github.com/maidsafe/safe_bindgen) which I’m not familiar with at all, but I’m sure if you start doing something some others will be able to help you with it