This site can't be reached ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

I have recently completed the SAFE Web App Tutorial tutorial ( and I have managed to get the trip planner working.

However, when I login to the SAFE browser now, it lets me sign in, but when I try to access the trip planner (using localhost://p:5000/) I get an error message ‘This site can’t be reached ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED’.

I am running the browser on a PC running Windows 10. I have gone into the firewall settings and temporarily disabled all of them. This has made no difference.

Has anyone else seen this problem? If so, what’s the fix?



That error doesn’t sound to be related to the SAFE browser or to the fact you are logged in or not. Are you able to access the site from Chrome/Firefox (with http://localhost:5000) ? it sounds you are not running the web app server correctly.

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Thanks for your reply. I suspect that I am not running the server correctly, but I don’t know why it was working the other day and not today. I already have IIS and Apache running on different port numbers, and these are running OK.

going to close off as it looks like it was as Gabriel suggested and as it’s been a week I guess it’s okay now.