Transfer of Data Ownership

Looking through the api docs it is not obvious how ownership of data can be transferred between users. This seems like a pretty common use case (suppose someone new is taking over a project and you want to give them rights to all the relevant files). It also makes solving the issue of malicious users intentionally mangling shared data much harder. Am I missing some part of the API or is transfer of ownership explicitly not supported. If it is not supported what is the solution to cooperative data structures?

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This thread New authentication flow + Granular permission control (quoting this RFC: seems to mention that ownership transfers are supported, but will have to go through a dialog in the authenticator, which sounds like a great solution. My question is: is there any way to do that using the current safe_launcher? I guess it would also be good to confirm that apps will be allowed to request ownership transfers that must be approved in the authenticator/launcher.

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Nope. One of the (many) reasons we are doing the new launcher and the ipc protocol between them and apps.

However, also in this very first iteration, while the protocol will the support it, in order to get something published quicker, we might not yet implement that feature. But expect it to follow soon.


Ok good to know. It is not really required for prototyping, but as soon as we have users we can’t trust it will be key.