Trying to make a web app


Hi Guys,

trying to create a web app following this tutorial, but I dont know where to find the head section to add css files. It looks like this section is auto generated by vue? Do I have to add an index.html?If so how to set that up? I hope someone could help me out.



I now know where it comes from, it is the neutrinorc.js file.


I now imported my style css in my index.js

import './static/css/style.css';

it works perfectly but is this the way to go? Or should I keep the css code always in my components?


These are questions about how to use VueJs rather than SAFE so I suggest you search for VueJs resources on the Web.

@Folatt has I think done some work with this so might be able to help.


Thanks for your answer but thought maybe someone faced this problem before because of the the tutorial and so I asked here


That’s a fair point indeed, but experience shows that so far we don’t get many answers to ViewJs questions, or other frameworks. In general it’s best to search for such things. I do it a lot. If you find some decent VueJs sites by all means report back. Maybe they could be added to the tutorial.


And @happybeing correctly tagged me for this.

I don’t have a working webapp either yet, but that’s now due to not understanding how the safe-node code works.

What I’ve learned so far is to get rid of neutrinojs as @vue/cli-service has become a better replacement.
To have a head section, add an index.html in the public folder.
And as as I know importing style css in index.js is the way to go.