Trying to make a web app

Hi Guys,

trying to create a web app following this tutorial, but I dont know where to find the head section to add css files. It looks like this section is auto generated by vue? Do I have to add an index.html?If so how to set that up? I hope someone could help me out.


I now know where it comes from, it is the neutrinorc.js file.

I now imported my style css in my index.js

import './static/css/style.css';

it works perfectly but is this the way to go? Or should I keep the css code always in my components?

These are questions about how to use VueJs rather than SAFE so I suggest you search for VueJs resources on the Web.

@folaht has I think done some work with this so might be able to help.

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Thanks for your answer but thought maybe someone faced this problem before because of the the tutorial and so I asked here

That’s a fair point indeed, but experience shows that so far we don’t get many answers to ViewJs questions, or other frameworks. In general it’s best to search for such things. I do it a lot. If you find some decent VueJs sites by all means report back. Maybe they could be added to the tutorial.

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And @happybeing correctly tagged me for this.

I don’t have a working webapp either yet, but that’s now due to not understanding how the safe-node code works.

What I’ve learned so far is to get rid of neutrinojs as @vue/cli-service has become a better replacement.
To have a head section, add an index.html in the public folder.
And as as I know importing style css in index.js is the way to go.