Updating the content of a file using the NFS api

I was surprise to see there was no way to update the content of a file, only its metadata. Right now I need to get the file to see if it exist, delete it if it does and then recreate it in order to update its content, is there plans to add this? Or did I miss something?

as per https://maidsafe.readme.io/docs/introduction

The NFS modify file content API endpoint has been temporarily deprecated.

That seems rather conclusive that it will be back. Question is when.

For update you can actually do DELETE followed by POST, the delete would simply give you a 404 if no file exists.
if you think that’s a bit barbaric might I suggest a HEAD instead of GET? That will give you everything (created-on, metadata, etc) except the actual bytes.


Ah thanks, I didn’t notice the limitation section. I’ll do a DELETE as you suggest, should makes things a bit snappier, thanks for the advice.