Web hosting manager issue: Stuck on Waiting for authorisation for Peruse live



  • Arch Linux
  • WHM 0.6.0
  • Peruse 0.6.0
  • safe-browser 0.10.2

So I open WHM and it manages to start a maidsafe browser and then request for authorization.
But after that access requests should also happen, but nothing happens for Peruse.
This does happen on the safe-browser.


Peruse is definitely looking at the live network and not the mock?


Perhaps that was it?
It works now.

I could have sworn that I was using the live one.


Easy done - I think we might have a more obvious switch coming to Peruse where you can see whether you are on live/mock but I might have just made that up in my head there…



There’s the small bar, but I could have sworn it wasn’t there when I switched.


Correct, you get the top small bar indicating you are connecting to mock, thus you shouldn’t see this bar if you are running the Peruse for live network.