Wee tool to report versions


A wee script to report relevant version numbers and variables in a consistent manner.
Utterly trivial

# wee script to output SAVE development versions
#  Southside April 2018
# Relased under "Do whatever you like with this" license

cd ~
echo " SAFE dev tools version report"
echo "=============================="
echo "What is the value of \$NODE_ENV set to?"
echo $NODE_ENV
echo "NPM version"
npm -v
echo "node version"
node --version
echo "Rust version"
rustc -V
echo  "Cargo version"
cargo -Vv
echo "general system status"
uname -a
echo "==============================================================="


So trivial, I even misspell SAFE in the first line…
Oh the embarrassment…


Thought you had jumped on the marketing bandwagon to change the name and were suggesting
and so on, it was a much better effort than the usual, oh woe is me, the name must go its terrible, lets call it “something else” and then when somethingelse seemed like a great idea we realised somethingelse was not a proposal but a question to further change from somethingelse (which is pretty decent) to blahblahblah network or a name that says what we do like codewriters, algorithmcreators, infinityexploreres when all we really want is a name we can change every week and argure its merits and why without it we are all doooomed I tell ya dooomed :smiley: :smiley: (I do love long sentences though, they are amazingly good, comes from years of patent writing)

Then again it may just have been a typo, who am I to know :smiley: :smiley:


It was a typo, ok?
Just a typo, only a stupid clumsy careless, typo.

Do not rebrand, please. :slight_smile:


If we’re wanting to get pedantic (and we do)…
In the header comment:

  • “Released”


#apologies #sorry #illgetmecoat


I would say Relasing = Releasing something with typos.


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