SAFE Drive - Windows

This topic is for anyone testing SAFE Drive on Windows.

This is a work in progress, but @lukas has helped us get some of the kinks ironed out and I’m hopeful that we are nearly there. If you want to have a go, please reply to this topic to let us know, to ask for help etc.

This post and what follows shows where @lukas got to:

This post shows what is involved for Linux, and should help you get things set-up for Windows too:

Good luck!


I was about to install Dokany in order for fuse-bindings to be able to install and properly build but then I saw WARNING: Dokany is still not quite stable. It can cause BSODs. Be careful..

I’m going to spend a little time reading why they are occurring before I install:


Thanks Hunter, I wasn’t aware of that! Let us know what you discover and I’d welcome PR for the if you think it appropriate.


What’s the status of the Build for Windows?
I want to help test it, but I get confused by all the cross-linked posts back an forth.

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Hi @SalvorinFex,

I can’t say exactly without going back through @lukas’ posts myself (the first link in the OP).

Essentially you need to clone and set up the repos using git, and install any pre requisites. To do that, follow the instructions under Development until you have completed section b). Don’t proceed to c), don’t collect $200 :wink:

Then get Dokany.

If you get stuck with any of that, going through @lukas posts may help as I know he found some parts tricky to follow (eg in the tutorial). Maybe @lukas can help you get set up if he’s around.

We could do with Windows specific instructions on how to get to this point, and to update the with them. So maybe you can help with that to start with? Maybe @hunterlester has a list of the steps?

It would really help to get those steps written up.

Anyway, once you have completed what I’ve just explained, you are ready to go. You can ignore the parts about building until we get it working by running the source directly.

Instead, the next thing will be to run the source, which is what the second link in the OP is about. So we can leave that until you’re ready.

Thanks for expressing an interest. I’m a bit busy to dig into this myself, and I don’t have a Windows machine to test what’s needed. So if you want to try working through that, and keeping a note of what’s needed it would be great and help anyone who wants to follow. :slight_smile: